Danny’s Story

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BeehiveMarch2012-004I started at Restore in October after being discharged from the Adolescent Unit at the Warneford Hospital. It was difficult being at hospital as it was the first time I’d been away from my parents.

I liked Restore the first time I came here; everyone was so welcoming. The first person I met was another member. He talked to me about what the charity is and what people do here. I now come twice a week. It’s something to look forward to and it’s better than being stuck at home.

I’ve done a bit of everything – woodwork, gardening, working on the gazebo and the willow dome. I’ve learnt new skills and got a first aid qualification. I would go in late when I was at college but I don’t do that here because I can’t get away with it!

I’ve got a better outlook on the future since coming to Restore. I want to get into work – I’d do anything; cooking, cleaning, gardening, woodwork, working at Tesco! Just as long as I’ve got something to do and a reason to get up in the morning. That’s what sets off the anxiety – if I’m not distracted doing something else.

I’ll get some support from Restore when I’m ready to look for work. I would like to thank everyone at Restore for their care and support because I wouldn’t have had such a speedy recovery without them. It’s an amazing charity and there should be one in every county, not just Oxfordshire!