Kevin’s Story

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Kevin-300x199Everyone at Restore is eager to help and very supportive, and it’s great to feel I can put my expertise and skills to good use.

I’ve always lived a vibrant life full of people and activity. I’ve run my own businesses and worked as a consultant. All my life I struggled with bi-polar disorder, even though I was only officially diagnosed 2 years ago. The struggle to cope got harder and I realised that I was also struggling with depression. I’ve always been a very gregarious and outgoing person, and when I withdrew due to my depression I realised I was getting stuck in a vicious cycle. I wasn’t going out, I couldn’t motivate myself, but being isolated and inactive was making it worse, not better.

Now I work in the café at Restore. I have a routine and I’m meeting new people every day. It keeps me motivated and active. I love the interaction and it’s great to know that your input is useful and helpful to the community.