Kana’s Story

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In 2009 I had a major accident at work. A two-tonne weight fell on me causing a head injury and lots of broken bones including my arms, legs, knee, ankle – they thought I was dead as I wasn’t breathing.

I had to have 17 or 18 operations. For four years I didn’t do anything – just a lot of physio and a lot of counselling.  I got stressed during that time. I wasn’t used to being at home – I was always working before, even at weekends. I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk again. I started thinking about suicide.

I talked to my GP who told me about Talking Space. Through that I heard about Restore and I got support with employment. My work had said they’d keep my job open but, once the insurance claim process was over, they made me redundant. I thought I’d find another job but as soon as they knew about my injuries, they turned me down.

For me Talking Space and Restore really worked. Mentally I’m much better than before. I used to get angry really quickly. Restore has helped me in everything. My coach helped me think about things differently – that maybe another job would be good for me. I needed to do something easier. Maybe it happened for a reason. We talked about all sorts and it was very helpful. What I really liked was that it was like talking to a friend rather than being serious all the time, it helped me a lot.