AGM to be held on 27th November 2018 from 5pm to 7pm

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A Special Resolution to make amendments to Restore’s Articles of Association will be brought to Restore’s AGM on Tuesday 27th November, 5 – 7pm.


The trustees of Restore wish to propose the following changes to RESTORE’s articles of association:

  1. Objects (article 2): the geographical area in the charity operates is being extended from the city of Oxford and the surrounding district to Oxfordshire and its surrounding areas. This change has been approved by the Charity Commission and will allow RESTORE to help those who live on the Oxfordshire borders as well as to deliver services in neighbouring counties.


  1. Benefits to members and trustees (article 4): this has been expanded to allow trustees to supply goods or services to the charity in certain circumstances and to be paid for doing so. This is permitted under the Charities Act 2011 and the proposed change here (which means widening benefits to trustees) has been approved by the Charity Commission. The new wording would not allow a trustee to be employed by RESTORE.


  1. Members (article 5): new wording has been added to make it clear that the term “friends” can be used to describe the company members. This is to avoid confusion with the use of the word “Member” to describe the users of Restore’s services.


  1. General meeting (article 6): the quorum for meetings of the charity members has been lowered to a more realistic level of 10 members or 5% of the membership if greater.


  1. Trustees (article 7): the changes here relate to the circumstances in which a trustee’s term of office and company membership terminate and reflect best practice in charity governance.

The only other change is the way in which the new articles of association are presented. Instead of being contained in two documents, a memorandum of association and articles of association, they are now contained in one set of articles of association. The new format brings the documents into line with modern company law. It does however mean that the layout and numbering of the clauses in the new articles is different from those contained in the previous documents.


Please follow this link for full details