Intrepid runners, cyclists and kayakers raising funds for the Oxfordshire Recovery College

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On Saturday 15th September, starting at Manzil Way at 8am, staff members and volunteers at the Oxfordshire Recovery College will be undertaking a triathlon between Oxford and Abingdon.

They are looking to raise funds so that they can offer more places on their courses to people who otherwise might not be able to afford to attend. One place for one day costs £25, unless you are accessing mental health services, in which case, a place on a course is free. They are looking for donations of any amount, whether £5 or £100, to be made to their fundraising page here

Starting at Manzil Way around 8am, Tony Duffin and Megan Ronan will run to Abingdon.
From around 10am, Tony will then cycle back to Oxford with Rich Ronan, Liam Corbally and others joining them.
Starting between 11 and 12, Tony will then kayak from Oxford (Donnington Bridge) to Abingdon with Annie Lawson, Gerard Hoen and Katie de Bertrand

Oxfordshire Recovery College is part of Restore. At the Oxfordshire Recovery College, we believe that learning about our mental health can give us hope for the future, opportunities to make changes, and a larger amount of control over what’s happening to us or our loved ones. Because of this, we provide a wide range of courses all about mental health and wellbeing, and regular one-to-one Individual Learning Plan appointments to help you move forward.

Please donate to fund their important work, enabling the people of Oxfordshire to engage with their recovery and to build positive lessons learned on the courses into their daily lives.