Victoria Prentis MP visits Banbury Restore to mark World Mental Health Day

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Restore’s mental health recovery group The Orchard was delighted to host Banbury MP Victoria Prentis on Friday 5 October, ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, 2018.

Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health illness this year. Despite the progress we have made in raising awareness of mental health issues, there’s still lots to do. We need to increase mental health recovery and coaching support as well as step up efforts to combat negative attitudes that still exist in our society.

Victoria Prentis MP said: “Restore’s a brilliant place to come and it’s great to be back on World Mental Health Day. I’ve met people who come here several times a week and find it very helpful. There’s lots going on—there’s craft, woodwork, there’s nice staff to talk to, there’s delicious lunch, and jobs to do. It’s a positive and great place to be!”

On 2018’s World Mental Health Day, Restore is working within the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership to increase understanding of the lives of people with mental ill health while spreading awareness that unless we recognise negative attitudes exist we won’t be able to challenge or improve them.


Tom Hayes, Head of External Relations

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