Elder Stubbs Growing Towards Success

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Elder Stubbs looking beautiful on a sunny afternoon


Elder Stubbs Recovery Group is a small oasis of calm in the bustling city of Oxford, situated just off Rymers Lane.

It is an allotment site that is 7 acres approximately and Restore has around 2 acres of the allotment on which service users grow their own fruit and vegetables, flowers as well as making jams and juices to sell in an onsite shop. There is also woodworking room in which members create items such as bird boxes. Members can utilise this space to learn new skills to eventually get back in to the work place.

Elder Stubbs also has a Tuk Tuk called Lily which goes round to local business such as the pub and restaurant trade selling wholesale fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Members are tasked with setting their own daily routines and taking charge of cooking, cleaning, and harvesting the fresh produce.

While there today I spent time with Emma, a Recovery Worker, who has been at Elder Stubbs for around 3 months and is moving on to Littlemore Recovery Group in the same capacity. Emma said of her time at Elder Stubbs

It is the most fantastic place and setting to work, and to come into work making a difference, passing on skills and support to this great group. I tend to upcycle old furniture and have already asked to come back and use the workshop in the near future.

Liz is a member who has also been at Elder Stubbs for around 3 months after moving down from Yorkshire, where she had lived for over 30 years. Liz said of the move

At first it was exciting but I soon felt alone and confused. I found out about Restore and was unsure at first, but once I came to Elder Stubbs the group has been very supportive and acted like an anchor for me to feel at home and more settled both with myself and the area I now live in.

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