Worry is a misuse of the imagination

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Week Three, Day Three: 11 April

As it was Saturday I allowed myself a lie in and started my run an hour later than normal. This should now set me up next week to run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday leaving my weekends for lazy mornings. When I let Dog out into the garden I could see that the sun was trying to peak through the clouds. It was chilly, but nothing like it has been before so I decided to leave my big fluffy fleece behind and run in a vest top – a sure sign that spring is here. I was feeling okay about today’s run, since I had already completed it twice.

I started my warm up walk to The Ramones which helped me keep a nice brisk pace. It was still on shuffle, and I haven’t made much of an effort to do anything about it as I had started to enjoy being surprised by what came next. However, today I spotted a flaw with this. Until now I have been avoiding my more ‘mellow’ music, thinking that I needed music with a faster beat to motivate me. I noticed that during my first 3-minute run when Thin Lizzy came on I picked up my pace. This would be good if I wanted to go faster but right now that is the last thing I want to do. So I am going to rethink my music choices, and have another go at working out how to take it off shuffle!

I have to say the 90-second runs are getting easier, but the three-minute ones are still a struggle. When I had completed the last 3-minute run I felt that I was at my limit, and those pesky second thoughts started to intrude again. I started to feel really disheartened, and that I would not be able to reach the 5k goal. But these thoughts were only there for a moment before my first thoughts brushed them away.

We have been discussing as a staff team the best way to get through this pandemic, to keep us motivated, and our spirits up, and a colleague said we just need to focus on the immediate future and try not to spend too much time thinking further than that. This really struck a chord with me, there is no point in worrying about things you have no control over. Not only is it pointless, but it is detrimental to your wellbeing. What you can do is to ensure that you are doing everything you can to stay safe and well. This is not only good advice for the pandemic but for life! I don’t know if I am going to get through this challenge or not, but I do know that speculating about the weeks ahead is not going to help me. So for this challenge and for the pandemic I am going to think about one week at a time. I have just successfully completed week 3 – Well done me. Now; I am going to try to complete week 4 , and that is my only goal right now.

If you are thinking of doing something similar take care to stay safe.

To do this I am:

  • Keeping social distancing. I aim to get out by 6.30am (I am a lark not an owl), so there are very few people around, and if I do meet them I stay 2 meters away.
  • I have my phone with me, and someone knows where I am going and when I am due back.
  • And, of course, I have Dog with me.
Top tips to keep you safe and well during this strange time.
  • Keep to the self-isolating and social distancing rules.
  • Keep in contact with friends, family, and, of course, Restore.
  • Find a routine and stick to it (I can’t emphasize enough how important this is)
  • Every day do something for your physical and mental well-being. On the days I am not running I go out for a walk. I am also doing a 21-day meditation challenge with 2 friends. This benefits my well-being as well as keeping me connected every day. There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but if that isn’t your thing then find something that nurtures your soul. This can be as simple as listening to the birds sing or gazing up at the stars.
  • Set yourself a challenge. This could be big or small, it’s entirely up to you.

These are just a few ideas and there are plenty more out there. The Restore website has a directory of useful and trusted websites with information, tips and ideas, here.

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