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Week Eight, Day Three: 16 May

I had felt so positive after the last run, but that seemed a distant memory today. I got up a little later as it is Saturday and took my time drinking my tea. The day was grey with a heavy blanket of clouds in the sky. I started the App, clicked the Unhappy face, and Dog and I set off at 5.50am listening to Morcheeba. This cheered me up for a short while but it didn’t last. I was just feeling out of sorts today. Having said that, the run started okay, no feelings of panic and I was pleasantly surprised by the 5-minute marker but when the 10-minute marker came my ankle started hurting again. Did it feel worse than last time or was it my imagination? Sometimes I was sure it was worse, and then I thought not and then it went away altogether only to come back a few minutes later. This was very distracting and annoying. I am so close to the end now, and I really don’t want an injury to be the thing to stop me.

The half way marker and again Sara Millican says ‘you may want to consider changing your pace’ and this time I do. Not change my pace you understand, but I do consider it, which is a big improvement from my first reaction to those words.

There is little to distract me today. The day is not very inspiring and the run seems interminable so I break it down into sections and focus on getting to the next marker. Just get to the end of the path, just get round the field, and so on. And on I slog until the bridge approaches and I get over it, and can see the end in sight. It takes everything I have to keep going as I am feeling awful but somehow I get to the end. Wobbly legs, breathing hard and not happy. What is going on? 2 out of 3 runs have not been good this week, is it one good run one bad one? Having looked back through my blogs there is some evidence that this has happened, but when I completed the 4 x 25 minute runs none of them were awful, so that negates that. I decide there is no point in worrying about it, I just need to keep going as I am so close to the goal now.

If you are thinking of doing something similar take care to stay safe.

To do this I am:

  • Keeping social distancing. I aim to get out by 6.30am (I am a lark not an owl), so there are very few people around, and if I do meet them I stay 2 meters away.
  • I have my phone with me, and someone knows where I am going and when I am due back.
  • And, of course, I have Dog with me.
Top tips to keep you safe and well during this strange time.
  • Keep to the self-isolating and social distancing rules.
  • Keep in contact with friends, family, and, of course, Restore.
  • Find a routine and stick to it (I can’t emphasize enough how important this is)
  • Every day do something for your physical and mental well-being. On the days I am not running I go out for a walk. I am also doing a 21-day meditation challenge with 2 friends. This benefits my well-being as well as keeping me connected every day. There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but if that isn’t your thing then find something that nurtures your soul. This can be as simple as listening to the birds sing or gazing up at the stars.
  • Set yourself a challenge. This could be big or small, it’s entirely up to you.

These are just a few ideas and there are plenty more out there. The Restore website has a directory of useful and trusted websites with information, tips and ideas, here.

The Reluctant Jogger and Dog