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This Leap Year we are encouraging you to use your extra day for a worthwhile cause. We’re calling this initiative the #GiveADay campaign.

The idea is simple. You have one extra day in 2020, so we urge you to give that day back to Restore.

Whether you’d like to donate a day’s worth of your wage, pledge a day of volunteering to Restore in the year, or take on an activity challenge*, the impact that your #GiveADay gift could have is significant.

Each year we help around 800 people in recovery from mental ill-health at our Recovery Groups in Oxfordshire. Here they can learn new skills or develop existing skills, and socialise with peers who have experience of mental ill-health and are on a similar recovery journey. The routine, skills, and confidence that our members gain from attending Restore help them to prepare to get into work, for some people for the very first time. Everyone has mental health, but not all employers understand the implications of mental health crises or place value on mental wellbeing. Restore wants to help to eradicate stigma surrounding mental health, and empower our members to realise their potential and be part of their community.

One day might not mean much to you, but it can make a huge difference to someone in recovery from mental ill-health, enabling Restore to continue to provide our valuable services across Oxfordshire.

* In one day an average adult could run 192 miles (at 8mph), or walk 96 miles, or swim 8 miles, or cycle 230 miles.

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