Irem Luqman

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Why did you want to become a MHFA instructor?
More people are becoming aware of the importance of good mental health but unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to it, which prevents people from understanding mental health fully and from seeking appropriate help. There are many other barriers that can further trigger shame and isolation.

I am new to the role of MHFA instructor at Restore and had applied for the role before the coronavirus pandemic hit, but during my time in lockdown (since March 2020), it became even more apparent to me that raising awareness of mental health would be an urgent and critical need. I am driven to spreading awareness through mental health first aid training and having conversations in the community so that we may learn to support each other effectively through these challenging times and beyond.

What impact do you feel you make as an instructor?
I would like to feel that every mental health first aid training delivered and conversation I have with others on the subject might help towards reducing stigma and shame, and give people hope and confidence in seeking appropriate help and in supporting others.

How you feel the Pebble Project will help promote mental health in the community especially for minorities?
We know that COVID-19 is directly affecting Black and Asian groups more significantly than other groups. Therefore, it is even more imperative to reach these groups now so that individuals are aware of the help that is available, and do not have to be alone and in silence with it all.

Restore is taking part in Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020, the UK’s largest match funding campaign, to raise money for an MHFA Marketer to reach more diverse communities in Oxfordshire – we’re calling this the Pebble Project
Donations made through the platform from 1pm December 1st – 1pm December 8th will be doubled. 
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