Mental health training for your organisation

Our accredited and bespoke training courses aim to promote understanding of mental health and wellbeing, reduce stigma and provide practical tools to support mental health in the workplace. 

  • All training courses are delivered either in person or online.
  • We offer training packages for different sizes of organisations. If any of those doesn’t fit your needs, we are happy to create a package just for your organisation.
  • Discount available for charities and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Our courses are for anyone who is not going through mental ill-health at that moment. People who are ready to support and help others.
These are great as a team building activity. We have lots of feedback about how good it is to learn about these difficult subjects all together in one safe place. 

Contact us if you want to consult on choosing the suitable training options or interested in training package recommendations by emailing or by calling 01865 455 822.

If you would like to book for individuals with no more than 6 learners, we also provide public access training for individuals. Both in-person and online MHFA courses are available every month. Click here to find out more.

If you are looking for affordable mental health training for diverse communities, we have created a Ripple Effect project for diverse populations to access these resources, skills and knowledge. Contact us for more information.

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Why choose Restore?

Feedbacks from Previous Courses
This was such a good training session- and really good to do it with people from the office so we have a shared experience around the topic of Mental health.
Mental Health Awareness, 2022
Julie was an absolutely wonderful instructor, I felt supported throughout and despite my own social anxiety felt comfortable to contribute in small ways to the group discussion, because of the atmosphere she created. I also now feel much better prepared to support my colleagues and students.
Mental Health First Aid, 2021
I believe mental health is something EVERYONE should have some understanding of. I believe this course to be a great eye opener to the world of mental health and how (whether experiencing first hand, second hand or as an outsider) to help or simply understand what mental health involves. It also helped me hugely understand that my own experiences and thoughts (or way of life) should have no input in how I speak to someone experiencing their own mental health situations. Great course would be recommended for EVERYONE!
Mental Health First Aid, 2022
It was a fantastic & very interesting course , I didn’t realise how many people are out there struggling, but in so many different circumstances, I would highly recommend this course to everyone so you are more aware of people’s situations and so you can help spot people that are struggling to enable to help them.
Mental Health Half Day, 2022
I have to say that was one of the best experiences I’ve had of this kind of training/engagement not just at this department but in my time at this organisation. It was pitched just right and I was impressed at how warmly disposed folks were to speak with each other about the topic.
Mental Health Awareness, 2022
My course experience was very good and rewarding, wonderful to experience a place where people can safely express and contribute their own mental health experiences to learning to support others as well as take care of our own mental health. The openness, engagement, acceptance and kindness of all participants as well as Julie was inspiring , heartwarming and very motivating to make a positive difference as a Mental Health First Aider going forward. Thank you for this course!
Mental Health First Aid, 2021