Working with Mental Health

Our ‘Working With Mental Health’ awareness training has been co-produced by professionals and clinicians with lived experience. We liaise directly with your organisation to personalise the training and deliver a concise package that is designed to improve managers’ understanding and responsibilities around mental health.

We start with a consultation where we discuss the working environment, culture, responsibilities and ask a number of questions to better understand the potential stresses on individuals within the organisation. This enables our course designers and trainers to create a tailored package that maximises the time available.
Depending on your requirements, our ‘Working With Mental Health’ package will highlight the current industry trends, enable better understanding of a manager’s role, help spot and understand symptoms and give future signposting advice that is specific to each organisation and location.  


A: Training sessions are created to suit your needs, so timings are flexible, however between 3 and 4 hours is a usual length.

A: Training sessions can take place either in our own training facilities at our Manzil Way site, in-house at your organisation or chosen venue.

A: This training is particularly suited to staff who manage other individuals or teams. However, all members of an organisation can benefit from a wider understanding, and more compassionate approach to mental health in the workplace.

A: We strive to create bespoke training packages that reflect the needs of your organisation, so all training sessions are unique. Training includes discussion, case studies, exercises and historical examples related to your industry and workers behaviours.

A: The purpose of MHFA is to preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others; to provide comfort to a person experiencing a mental health problem. It also provides help that may prevent mental health problems becoming worse and to promote the recovery of good mental health.
Our ‘Working With Mental Health’ training is a bespoke package intended more specifically for the corporate arena, dealing with the issues that affect your organisation and staff. This a more concise course, with a view to enabling managers to work more effectively with those people who have, or may develop, a mental health issue at work. This course also provides confidential, tailored signposting information for those who attend and gives practical advice for improving communication, inclusivity, and productivity, in the workplace. There is an additional option to receive a written report or meeting to discuss staff raised concerns regarding staff health.

A: Our trainers at Restore have lived experience. They have fought mental illness pre, during and post senior management and executive appointments. They have worked through the battles of illness, they understand the taboo and associated stigma, and are able to combine their own experiences with the organisation’s 40 years of professional knowledge.