Working with Mental Health

Our ‘Working With Mental Health’ training is aimed at management teams and is developed by Restore’s experienced mental health trainers.  We liaise directly with your organisation to customise the training and deliver a concise package that is designed to improve managers’ understanding of their responsibilities around mental health.

We start with a consultation where we learn more about your organisation and discuss what you want the training to include. This enables our trainers to create a tailored course that maximises the time available.
Depending on your requirements, this training can help you to spot and understand symptoms of different mental health problems,  understand a manager’s role in supporting staff, and signpost towards professional support.   

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A: Training sessions are created to suit your needs, so timings are flexible, however between 3 and 4 hours is a usual length.

A: Training sessions can take place either online, in our own training facilities at our Manzil Way site, or in-house at your organisation or chosen venue.

A: This training is particularly suited to staff who manage other individuals or teams. However, all members of an organisation can benefit from a wider understanding, and more compassionate approach to mental health in the workplace.

A: We strive to create bespoke training courses that reflect the needs of your organisation, so all training sessions are unique. Training will usually include a mixture of activities, discussion and case studies.

A: The purpose of MHFA is to preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others; to provide comfort to a person experiencing a mental health problem. It also provides help that may prevent mental health problems becoming worse and promotes the recovery of good mental health.
Our ‘Working With Mental Health’ training is a bespoke course intended more specifically for organisations. It is a more concise course, with a view to enabling managers to work more effectively with those people who have, or may develop, a mental health issue at work.

A: Restore has been delivering mental health training since 2007 and our trainers have delivered courses to a wide variety of organisations and are experienced in working with senior staff.

Our trainers have lived experience of mental ill health and this helps them to understand the challenges that people can face.

The training can sometimes bring to mind issues that people may find distressing and our trainers are experienced in supporting people through this in a safe, confidential and sensitive way.