Training for Volunteers

“The training is excellent, some of the best I’ve ever had”

Once you have applied to volunteer, we will invite you to attend initial training at our Oxford office so that you feel prepared and confident in your role.

We also offer ongoing training opportunities to all volunteers. Previous sessions have included Safeguarding, Understanding Autism, and Conflict Resolution.

This training is compulsory for all long-term volunteers (Event Helpers do not need to attend, but are very welcome to). We will provide an introduction to the organisation, and prepare you for any confidentiality and boundaries issues that may arise whilst volunteering.

Training dates for 2019:

Thursday 24th January
Monday 25th February
Wednesday 27th March
Thursday 2nd April
Tuesday 28th May
Thursday 27th June
Monday 29th July
Tuesday 27th August
Wednesday 25th September
Thursday 24th October
Monday 25th November
Tuesday 17th December

This training is offered to all volunteers, and is compulsory for anyone who will work directly with members. Find out about MHFA, and upcoming training dates here.

We ask all Coaching and Opportunities Project Volunteers to attend two days of Coaching training. We will teach you useful coaching techniques, and help you to consider different scenarios that may arise whilst working with your client. Day 2 Coaching is optional for Opportunities project Volunteers.

Training dates for 2019:

Coaching Day 1: Tuesday, 5th February
Coaching Day 2: Thursday, 14th February
Coaching Day 1: Tuesday, 26th March
Coaching Day 2:  Thursday, 4th April
Coaching Day 1: Tuesday, 2nd July
Coaching Day 2: Thursday, 11th July
Coaching Day 1: Tuesday, 10th September
Coaching Day 2: Thursday, 19th September
Coaching Day 1: Tuesday, 12th November
Coaching Day 2: Thursday, 21st November

Please note: these training sessions are not open to the public. You will be invited to attend training once you have completed the application process.