Create a Lasting Legacy

LegaciesWhen writing your Will, your loved ones will always come first. But you may find that once you have made provisions for your friends and family, you are able to leave a gift in your Will to Restore.

Do you believe in equality for people with mental health problems? Do you share our vision of people with mental health problems being fully empowered to lead meaningful lives? Leaving a gift in you Will will help us make this a reality.

Our mission is to provide recovery and coaching support to people with mental health problems, whilst working with the whole community to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

Through leaving a gift in your Will to Restore, you will empower people to rebuild their lives after the devastating effects of mental illness.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will is Easy

Many of us put off making or changing a Will, but it is surprisingly easy and quick to do. It’s best to use a solicitor or professional will-writer to ensure it is watertight.

You do not have to make loads of complicated decisions all at once. A simple Will can just say, as one example, that you would like your family/spouse to have 99% of your estate and Restore 1%.

If you have already written a Will, but would like to add a gift to Restore, you can ask your solicitor to make any changes with a codicil form, which is a legal appendix to your Will.

To make it easy for you, we have a Codicil–- which you can complete and send to your solicitor. There might not even be a cost to do this. But it will be important for your solicitor to read the codicil to check it does not conflict with your current Will.

To ensure your gift goes to the right place, please use our full name and address:

“Rehabilitation Services Trust for Oxfordshire Re-employment Limited

Manzil Way, Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1YH

Registered Charity Number 274222 and Registered Company Number 1324318”

We’re Here to Help

Your will is private, and we will never ask you whether you have or are considering leaving a legacy. But if you would like to know more about Restore to support your decision, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact the fundraising team on 01865 455822 or to find out more or book in for a chat.

Thank you to our Charity Partners Taylor Vinters Solicitors for the

pro bono work in this area, which has made it possible.