Oxfordshire Recovery College

6 January: The Oxfordshire Recovery College will not be offering in-person courses for the moment. The Oxfordshire Recovery College is currently offering a wide range of online courses, from “Coping with Stress and anxiety” to “Adapting to the new normal”. Our courses are delivered via Zoom. They are interactive courses where students can share ideas and strategies with other students who are struggling with similar challenges.

For more information and to sign up take a look at our website.

At Oxfordshire Recovery College (ORC) we believe that recovery can be achieved by learning new skills as well as by learning from each other. ORC offers an educational program of recovery-focused workshops and courses that have been co-produced.

All aspects of ORC, from the subject and content of courses, to the marketing and publicity, to the delivery of sessions, is co-produced and co-delivered by Experts of Experience (those who have lived experience of mental illness) and Experts by Training (professionals) that collaborate together in an equal partnership in order to improve the support and services that those affected by mental ill health need.

Restore are proudly leading on this project, which has been developed by the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership.

Our courses and workshops are free for individuals with lived experience accessing mental health services, their carers or family/friends and volunteers and staff of the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership. Our first ever term in September 2015 saw 130 students county-wide coming through our doors.

Courses are delivered at locations across Oxfordshire. Our main office is based at: ORC Hub, Restore, Elder Stubbs Allotments, Rymers Lane, Oxford, OX4 3LB.

Courses cover a wide variety of subjects, such as ‘Understanding Psychosis’, ‘Parenting in Recovery’, ‘Informing Choices: Anti-Depressants’, and ‘Exploring Confidence’. A full list is available on ORC’s website.

Courses are always evolving – please let us know if there is a course you would like ORC to be offering.

An educational approach

  • Helps people recognise and make use of their talents and resources
  • Assists people in exploring their possibilities and developing their skills
  • Supports people to achieve their ambitions
  • Staff become coaches who help people find their own solutions
  • Students choose their own courses, work out ways of making sense of and finding meaning in what has happened. Students become experts in managing their own lives (Recovery Colleges: Perkins, Repper, Rinaldi and Brown, 2012)

Visit ORC’s website to find out how to attend a course, or contribute to the design and delivery of ORC.

We hope to see you at Oxfordshire Recovery College soon! Visit ORC’s website for more information.