Corporate Volunteering at Restore

We have been running successful and enjoyable corporate volunteering days for a number of years now. Volunteering days are great for team building, strengthening relationships and creating goodwill amongst colleagues – at the same time as doing something really worthwhile to help the community. 

We can offer unique corporate volunteering days for your organisation which challenge stigma, develop skills and make a real difference. Whether it be working in the gardens at one of our recovery group sites, painting and decorating one of our buildings, or helping us prepare for one of our big summer events, you’ll be working as a team to do something really positive. 

We usually ask groups to arrive on site at about 9.45am. You’ll be met by a member of staff who will tell you a bit about Restore and explain the jobs for the day. 

Recent groups have done tasks such as digging borders, weeding, putting up a shed, cutting back overgrown brambles, and painting and decorating. We are hoping that our big summer events will return in 2022 and we always need groups of volunteers to help us in the run up to these events e.g. erecting gazebos or staging, putting up bunting, or mowing the site, and to help us take things down after the event.

The day usually finishes by about 3.30pm and we say goodbye to everyone with many grateful thanks.

We have a number of sites in Oxford, plus locations in Didcot and Banbury.

There is, of course, a cost associated with running a volunteering day and we do ask if organisations can make a voluntary donation to help us to cover the costs. 

You can donate to Restore through our website here

Many of the organisations that volunteer with us go on to support Restore through fundraising activities such as bake sales and raffles or challenges such as running marathons. Some organisations donate gifts in kind to Restore, or go on to make us their Charity of the Year. 

Our fundraising team would love to hear from you if you might be able to continue to support Restore. You can contact the fundraising team at .

Please contact our volunteering team at . If you have an idea of roughly how many people might be in your group that’s helpful for us to know, as well as approximately when you’d like the day to take place.