Volunteer FAQs

A. All volunteers have an initial 6 week settling in period at the beginning. This means if you feel you would rather not carry on volunteering, or we feel there would be a more suitable role for you we can easily manage this.

A. Yes people with mental health problems pose no more risk than anyone in your local community. In fact someone who experiences mental ill health is more likely to be a victim of assault than a perpetrator.

A. We actively encourage applications from people with lived experience and over half of our staff team have experienced mental health issues.  We will have a chat with you about your own journey to see if volunteering with us is the best thing for you at this time.

A. Not in the same service as this may cause issues with boundaries and confidentiality, but we would look at alternative sites/services for you.

A. You will receive training to support you in your role and you will be assigned a supervisor who will support you if you have any concerns.

A. Previous criminal convictions are not necessarily a bar to volunteering at Restore. We take into account what happened, when and how long ago as well as what you are doing now.

A: You must be aged 18 or over in order to volunteer at Restore.

A: Yes you can, please contact us and we can arrange for you to come to the Choices Workshop where you can learn more about Restore. The Choices Workshop is where people who are referred to use our services come and visit us, are given a tour of the site, learn about what we do at Restore, and have a one to one assessment to assess which service they would like to use.

A: We offer:

A named member of staff to support you: There will be a staff member who is responsible for you within the service you are volunteering. This person will support you on a day to day basis and it is their job to ensure you feel comfortable and know what is expected of you.

Debriefing sessions: If you are a Recovery Group Volunteer, you will have a chance at the end of the day to talk things through, in particular anything that felt difficult or uncomfortable. Of course if anything happens during the day that felt difficult or upset you, do report it straight away.

Supervision (a group meeting or one-to-one meeting): a chance to meet every 6 weeks or so (depending on your role) with your supervisor and maybe the other volunteers in your service to talk about how you feel as a volunteer at Restore. It will include what you like about it, and also what you don’t like about it. It is a safe place to talk and the point of it is to make sure we are doing the best for you.

On-going training: You will be invited to on-going training such as risk assessments, drug and alcohol abuse and motivational interviewing. We provide certificates for any training you attend.

Volunteer forums: You will be invited to our Volunteer Forums. This is a chance to give us feedback on what you enjoy about volunteering and what improvements could be made.

Volunteer celebration event: You will be invited to come along our annual Volunteer celebration event. This is a chance for us to say thank you to you for all your hard work and for your commitment to Restore.

Other social events: You will also get invites to our festivals and the Restore Christmas party.

Lunch: We provide lunch to anyone who is volunteering for a full day.

Expenses: We will reimburse you for any reasonable out of pocket expenses that you may incur whilst volunteering

And….our gratitude!: We are enormously grateful to all our wonderful volunteers – we couldn’t do our vital work without you!


  • You can expect to treated with dignity and respect in accordance to the Restore equal opportunity policy
  • You can expect to be supported by a named member of staff
  • You can expect to be given a clear description of the role you will be asked to carry out
  • You can expect to receive training that is relevant to your role
  • You can expect to be reimbursed for any reasonable out of pocket expenses that you may incur whilst volunteering
  • You can expect to be covered by Restore’s insurance policy