Staying well often means doing something satisfying and enriching. If you’ve been out of education or work for a long time or you’ve been through a recent mental health setback but want to re-establish the habits that help you to keep well, then Restore’s Employment Coaching service can help.

6 January: our Employment Coaching Team will continue to work via phone or remote video conferencing – for employment/training/volunteering clients.

5th November:

Our external coaching clients will continue to have a phone service available as they undertake Employment Coaching with Restore.

Our Opportunities in Reach volunteer work to in-patient mental health wards is no longer operating.

It is important that we maintain our connection with one another during your recovery journey.

Although government guidelines necessitate that we practice ‘social distancing’ physically for the time being, we understand the importance of maintaining social contact in other ways. Please connect with us on our social pages (the links are at in the footer), and keep up-to-date with any news developments on our website.

A coach can support you to think through just what you want to do and the best way to start. For instance:

  • You might want to volunteer so you can do something valuable for your community while getting back into a work-a-day routine.
  • If you’re struggling to get a job that suits you because you’re not fully qualified, you might decide to start by building up your skills and knowledge through education or training.
  • Or you might want to get back into work but feel held back by a lack of confidence or motivation.
  • You might not know how you could tell an employer about your mental health condition or whether you have to, anyway.
  • If you’ve got a gap in your work history you might fear that it will stop you getting another job.
  • Perhaps you don’t know how to search for work, or present an application form or a CV, or how to tackle an interview.

Restore’s coaching process is review-driven, with reviews scheduled every 4 sessions to make sure you and your coach are keeping on track with your employment goals. Coaches can also continue to meet with you when you begin work, to provide additional support during the transition into working life.  Telephone and email coaching support are also available.

We don’t find work for, or places on courses or in volunteering roles. We support you to develop the skills you need to do these things yourself. Our coaches are skilled and constantly training to improve. They know how to help you get the best out of yourself, and to understand that you may have even more to offer because of your mental health issue – not despite it.

Restore also offers coaching to keep a job that you’re in. If your mental health condition is making it hard to cope at work, our specialist coach can help you navigate the maze of employment-related issues that can seem overwhelming.

If you’re an in-patient in the Warneford Hospital or Littlemore Mental Health Centre, you can meet one of our visiting coaches, who can make links back to your employer or help you plan for life after hospital so that you continue your recovery by having something to do when you leave. Our coaches visit on Tuesday afternoons.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from our support, fill out a Referral Form and someone from Restore will contact you.