Andy’s Story

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When I was at work, I was beginning to get ill with bipolar, anxiety and agrophobia. I was having relapse at work, but I didn’t want to tell anybody. My mother had breast cancer and my wife was struggling to support me, so I was having a bad time at home and at work. I had to put on a brave face, and it all came to a head.

Those two years were the worst of my life. My manager didn’t understand. I was having suicidal thoughts and if I had been at that company just one month longer, I probably wouldn’t be here now.

I am now so happy coming to Restore. I feel I belong here. I feel I’m becoming me again. I can get involved in so many ways. I’m so happy now, with the confidence Restore has given me.

On my first day I was a nervous wreck, I felt like the new boy starting secondary school. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and was really quiet. Now I’m like Russell Brand, you can’t stop me talking! Other members helped me to feel comfortable, just by introducing themselves and talking to me.

I started with mosaics. It’s relaxing and very therapeutic, and it’s opened up my arty side once again. Now I’ve done catering, gardening, painted the shed, a little bit of everything. I am also involved with the member council, and I have begun a drama group for members and volunteers.

I’ve learnt to be so much more independent. Before, I never even got on the bus by myself. If it wasn’t for Restore, I wouldn’t have become a better individual, which I truly believe I have become.

I want to do all I can with fundraising and put all the money back into Restore. I’d love to work at a charity in the future, something really worthwhile. Restore has opened my eyes to know I want to give back. I think Restore can definitely help me to achieve these goals.

Restore is phenomenal. There are so many amazing individuals here. You treat me how I deserve to be treated, with respect. I can’t thank Restore enough. It’s very rare to have a charity that cares so much. You invest so much time to each individual. I’m so glad I found Restore.