Tips for Embracing Change

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The holiday’s often bring moments of laughter, togetherness and a break from routine with research suggesting that they can reduce stress and improve mood. Unfortunately, this happiness typically doesn’t stay with many individuals experiencing an emotional dip post-holiday.

September is full of new beginnings and opportunities with the start of an academic year and new season. Change is a constant in life and although it can be daunting to return to long lists, start anew or strike a balance between work and personal life, it also brings growth and new experiences. Here are five tips to thrive in times of change:

Mindful acceptance

Acknowledge and accept your emotions without judgment. By granting your emotions permission to exist, you create space to understand them and reduce their intensity.

Set realistic goals

Embracing change often involves setting new goals. Start with small, achievable goals that give you a sense of accomplishment. This can motivate you to embrace change positively.


Meditation can help people. Regular meditation has been proven to nurture qualities of patience, resilience and mental clarity.

Practice gratitude

Take a moment each day to reflect on what you are grateful for whether big or small.

Look forward 

Have something to look forward to by planning fun outings or making time to learn a new hobby.  This will act as a reminder that there are fun activities in your daily life too.

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