Brendan’s Story

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brendans-storyI was getting quite stressed and depressed having nothing to wake up for in the morning so my CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) suggested I try Restore. I reckon if I hadn’t come here I’d have ended up back in hospital.

Through Restore I did a catering skills course at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College. The course has made me more optimistic about joining the workforce. I hadn’t done much cooking before but we work well as a team in the Elder Stubbs kitchen – we all help each other out.

I’m in a good place health-wise for the first time in a few years. I’m thinking about doing an Open University course while I’m here. I’ve always liked the idea of becoming a schoolteacher. I suppose it’s a dream – but who knows? I’ll pursue the cooking opportunities too and maybe I could work in a restaurant.

I recently sat on an interview panel when Elder Stubbs recruited new staff. It was an interesting experience and gave me some ideas about how to prepare when I go for an interview in the future.