Success at the OCVA Awards

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IMG_6311We’re proud to announce that The Oxfordshire Recovery College won OCVA Working Together Award 2016, whilst Restore volunteer David Pittaway was recognised for his tireless service at the OCVA Awards Ceremony last night. 

This is a truly wonderful recognition of the hard work of Restore and five other local mental health organisations (formally OMHP), who have worked tirelessly together – service users, volunteers, staff, trustees and carers – to create a vital new service for people in Oxfordshire.

‘Working Together’ is not always easy – to bring together six differing cultures, ideas, and ‘ways of doing things’ to collaborate on a project, you would think would be almost impossible task. But the success of the (now award winning!) College is testament that we are a truly effective partnership, that can achieve amazing things. This is thanks to open, positive attitudes, and our aligned missions to provide excellent mental healthcare for our community…and a lot of hard work! Well done to all involved – especially the core team (you know who you are!)

IMG_6312In other brilliant news, we’re hugely proud of our wonderful volunteer David Pittaway, who won an OCVA Award recognising his tireless service to Restore over the years. David comes to Restore 2-3 days every week to support our admin and finance team, and Littlemore Recovery Group. He brings a positive attitude and amazing work ethic to an under-resourced office, take initiative, lightens our load, and brightens up our days. Thank you David – the award is greatly deserved.


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