The Beehive Recovery Group is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our Recovery Project members are to receive an individually tailored phone support call on the days they are due to attend the recovery groups.

Members have the option to phone for additional support if there are any concerns between 11.00am-3.00pm each working day.

Our staff will provide individual phone support depending on your individual needs. This might include:

  • Signposting to online support groups
  • Signposting to benefit support, food banks, volunteering opportunities, and any social networks
  • Discussing relevant recovery goals, e.g. maintaining wellbeing, creativity, exercise, good eating, maintaining contact with friends/family
  • Sharing news and tips from staff, and the other Recovery Groups
  • Sharing information to help you prepare for the resumption of regular life, i.e. maximising job readiness,

It is important that we maintain our connection with one another during your recovery journey.

Although government guidelines necessitate that we practice ‘social distancing’ physically for the time being, we understand the importance of maintaining social contact in other ways. Please connect with us on our social pages (the links are at in the footer), and keep up-to-date with any news developments on our website.

We offer opportunities to socialise and learn new skills in horticulture, woodwork and other crafts. Group members decide together what activities they will do. We place a strong emphasis on design and creativity.

The group provides members with opportunities to learn skills, gain insight into their strengths, and consider positive changes they want to make. We acknowledge that this can be hard work, so regular time is set aside to reflect on how things are going, both as a team and as individuals.

The Beehive is open between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. Lunch is provided. Members usually attend one or two days a week.

A morning meeting discussing the days activities any future events and information sharing.
Taking part in the group activity of your choice.
Mid morning tea break.
Continuing with your activity.
Sharing lunch prepared by the members and volunteers.
Carrying out communal chores.
Afternoon activity session.
End of day meeting – Checking in with everyone before they leave for the day.

Fill out a Referral Form and someone from Restore will contact you.

The Beehive Recovery Group is on our Manzil Way site in East Oxford. The site has good public transport links.

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