We offer opportunities to socialise and learn new skills in horticulture, woodwork and other crafts. Group members decide together what activities they will do. We place a strong emphasis on design and creativity.

The group provides members with opportunities to learn skills, gain insight into their strengths, and consider positive changes they want to make. We acknowledge that this can be hard work, so regular time is set aside to reflect on how things are going, both as a team and as individuals.

The Beehive is open between 9am and 2.30, Monday to Friday. Lunch is not currently provided due to COVID protocols. Members usually attend one day a week.

A morning meeting discussing the day’s activities any future events and information sharing.
Taking part in the group activity of your choice.
Mid morning tea break.
Continuing with your activity.
Sharing lunch prepared by the members and volunteers. (Currently suspended  due to COVID)
Carrying out communal chores.
Afternoon activity session.
End of day meeting – Checking in with everyone before they leave for the day.

Fill out a Referral Form and someone from Restore will contact you.

The Beehive Recovery Group is on our Manzil Way site in East Oxford. The site has good public transport links.

Click here for map

Our members, staff, and volunteers are responsible for the beautiful planting and maintenance of the Manzil Way Gardens.  Throughout the year, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the gardens.

The Garden is accessible to wheelchair users and/or people with limited mobility. It is also a safe garden for children to play as we very much welcome them to have a first-hand experience of nature.

Read more about the Garden, planting, and maintenance in this brilliant document prepared by our Beehive Staff.