13 May: Our North Oxfordshire Recovery Group has now opened fully for face to face contact and structured group activity with shorter sessions (10am-2pm) Monday- Friday . Sessions have fewer numbers and have Covid protocols in place to confirm with Government guidelines

All recovery sites following Covid do now have an enhanced capability to offer this in special circumstances with a time limit  to members where attendance is not possible on their day of attendance

This might include:

  • Signposting to online support groups
  • Signposting to benefit support, food banks, volunteering opportunities, and any social networks
  • Discussing relevant recovery goals, e.g. maintaining wellbeing, creativity, exercise, good eating, maintaining contact with friends/family
  • Sharing news and tips from staff, and the other Recovery Groups
  • Sharing information to help you prepare for the resumption of regular life, i.e. maximising job readiness if you are working with an Employment Coach

Based in Banbury, our group offers opportunities to socialise and learn new skills in cooking, woodwork, and arts and crafts. Members decide together what activities they will do.

Members have opportunities to gain insight into their strengths and consider positive changes they want to make. We acknowledge that this can be hard work, so regular time is set aside to reflect on how things are going, both as a team and as individuals.

We often organise opportunities to attend different workshops, both internally and externally. Previous classes have included IT, metalwork and sewing.

The group is open between 9am and 2pm, Monday to Friday. Members are required to currently provide their own lunch due to Covid protocols.

Members usually attend one day a week.

A morning meeting discussing the days activities any future events and information sharing.Taking part in the group activity of your choice.
Mid-morning tea break.
Continuing with your activity.
Sharing lunch prepared by the members and volunteers(.Currently suspended due to covid)
Carrying out communal chores.
Afternoon activity session. End of day meeting – Checking in with everyone before they leave for the day.

Fill out a Referral Form and someone from Restore will contact you.

The North Oxfordshire Recovery Group is on Calthorpe Street, Banbury and is accessible by public transport. The site has disabled access and a paying car park.

  • The Orchard, The Warehouse, 28 Calthorpe Street, Banbury, OX16 5EX
  • 01295 709414
  • north.oxfordshire@restore.org.uk

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